Doug's music career after his time with the Doors
A photo of author Doug Cameron before the opening act,
"The Holocaust" began their set on 11/3/68. When the
Doors played that day they seemed lethargic.  Jim
(Morrison) just stood clinging to the microphone.
This is a picture of Bill Siddons and Julia
Densmore walking up the steps at the
entrance to the Anthropology Museum in
Mexico City.   Approx. 6/25/69
A photo of Jim Morrison standing in
the Trailer/Dressing Room on 11/3/68.
A photo of author Doug Cameron meeting Ray
Manzarek of the Doors on 11/3/68 at the Coliseum
on S. Wabash St. in Chicago.
The DOORS in concert, first show, 6/14/69
An audience shot of two of the four
7 foot  Monolith P.A. columns that
the Doors began using on 6/14/69 at
the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago
Author Doug Cameron rocking hard in Mettendorf,
Germany, Winter of 1972.  Photo was taken by Drew
Gomber who is now a well known Western History
author living in New Mexico.
Doug Cameron playing Spinet piano
during a visit to a friend's home in
Rockford, Illinois.
Picture of Doug Cameron
during a rare performance
playing guitar at the Palomino
Club in N. Hollywood in 1979
Doug Cameron singing at the
Palomino Club.  Song was most
likely "Pretty Woman".
Doug Cameron singing lead for
the "Rockabilly Rollers" in L.A.
in February, 1979.
A publicity poster for "Scratch" , a band Mr. Cameron sang and played keyboards for in Bloomington, Indiana, in summer of 1975.
This band of many diverse talents had great potential but as with many talented bands the diversity led to the break up of the band.
Photo Gallery
Author Doug Cameron and
John Densmore of the Doors.
B. Douglas Cameron