In front of the Doors workshop in L.A.  It is now an Italian restaurant.  The
building used to be a golden yellow color with the word Antiques in brown
painted up top in front.  Photo was taken in August of 2008.
Upstairs at 8512 Santa Monica Blvd.  The area where I am standing is where
Leon used to paint.  If I turned around and walked through those doors
behind me and took a left would be where the black leather couch used to be
and where Jim Morrison was sitting when he basically had a nervous
breakdown in 1968.  Jim really wanted to quit the Doors in the Spring of 1968.
B. Douglas Cameron
First truck load arrives with newly
printed copies of
Inside The Fire at
the Cameron household.
Author Doug Cameron with
associates verify the paperwork of
their first delivery of books.
A little muscle helps push the final
load of books into storage.
This coming May 20, 2015, marks the two year anniversary of the death of Ray Manzarek.  It was a
shock to get the phone call about Ray. That John Densmore did not attend the funeral was not a shock.
John wasn’t invited.  Neither was I.

 My wife Fran and I attended Ray and Robby’s last concert in Chicago in November of 2011.  As we
talked with Robby after the concert, I asked him, “So, you got my book?”  
 “Yes, and I read it. I liked it,” said the man who wrote Light My Fire.
 Boom. That was a home run for me.

 As we talked to Ray after our visit with Robby, I introduced Fran to Ray. I got the impression that Ray
had no idea who I was.  I gave Ray a copy of my book. I am sure it restored his memory, if he read it. Ray
looked very tired.

 If you have not picked up a copy of my book, I hope you will do so.  I will send you an autographed
copy if you send $15.00 to my P.O. box in Marietta, Georgia. The $15.00 will include tax and shipping.  If
you live outside the United States of America, I’ll need $27.00 to send my book to you.  Inside the Fire:
My Strange Days with the Doors is all over the world now.

 As many of you saw in the news recently, the Door’s first album was selected by the Library of
Congress to be included in a special collection of music created by Americans to be permanently
installed in the Library of Congress. Rock on, my brothers!
 Once again, the Doors are haunting me. Are they haunting you?

B. Douglas Cameron
Marietta, Georgia
April 6, 2015