About the Author

    B. Douglas Cameron, known as "Doug" to his friends and family is a product of the Midwest, known for
    its friendly people. Doug attended West High School in Rockford, Illinois, and graduated in 1969.  Only
    eight days after graduation Doug began his employment as the first Assistant Road Manager for the
    rock group the Doors.  INSIDE THE FIRE  My Strange Days with the Doors is the story of his
    17 incredible days as the Assistant Road Manager for the band.

    After leaving the Doors in June of 1969, Doug enlisted in the U.S. Air Force
    and was stationed in the Eifel Mountains in Germany. During that time he continued his love affair with
    music forming a group called "Terra Firma" and playing at local clubs until his untimely discharge from
    the Air Force in 1972.

    On returning home Doug spent a lot of time in the woodshed with his piano and in 1972 was accepted
    into P300 at Indiana University, which is the University's piano program.

    After graduating from Indiana University Doug moved to L.A. to further his musical ambitions.  After only
    a year he discovered that the rock and roll lifestyle was not what he wanted.

    Doug now resides in Marietta, Georgia.   He has served the public school system in Rockford for nearly
    20 years.  In that time Doug is most proud of his studies and teaching of the Holocaust to which he has
    devoted a great deal of his life.  He has traveled all over the world to study genocide.
B. Douglas Cameron